Amateur Radio Station VA7FK

VA7FK is a licensed 100 Watt amateur radio station located in British Columbia, Canada. This station also transmits under the call sign VE7JUR.

Broadcasting on HF, VHF, and DMR. Our DMR network coverage comprises the BrandMeister, TGIF & DAPNET networks. Operational HF digital modes include multiple frequency-shift keying (MFSK) modes and packet radio. Band selection is dependent on conditions.

The stations low power MMDVM hotspot consists of a generic simplex JumboSpot running Pi-Star. Various antennas are used for HF. The most common being an end fed dipole with a 9:1 unun & 30MHz common mode filter.

DMR Identification:

Monitored DMR Talkgroups:

BrandMeister: TGIF: * talkgroups are not reliably monitored



BrandMeister Canada

BrandMeister USA

TGIF Network

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